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First, therapy camp benefits children with sensory processing difficulties, learning problems, apraxia, in-coordination, low muscle tone, auditory processing dysfunction, and other neurological delays or disorders. We use the “Frequency, Intensity, Duration Model” which has been proven highly effective at making large gains in a small amount of time. We have observed our campers make phenomenal gains in motor skills, language, social skills, and sensory processing.

Second, we require the presence of at least one parent or caregiver for each camper, because the camp becomes a parent training, networking, and support system. Parents are trained in effective therapy techniques that can be utilized at home to facilitate the continued advancement of their child’s development; also, parents have the opportunity to speak with other parents facing similar issues.

Third, but not least, we have student volunteers who assist and gain practical experience in their chosen field of study. This benefits both the child and the student volunteer. Camp ratio is typically 2 to 3 professionals to 1 camper. We can accommodate eight campers.

Our program stands above other programs, as we have an intense focus on improving foundation skills as opposed to a more cognitive or play model. We utilize a three-hour concentrated activity block of therapy to gain improvements in the neurological system.  All camp activities are held out of doors if the weather allows.  All the attributes of the JUMP-IN™ summer camp make it a unique program.

Camp runs from July 23-August 3, 2018. Sessions are held Monday through Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Campers’ activities involve the use of suspended equipment, gross motor activities, fine motor activities, social interaction, brain gym, language, body work, and pool time. A parent/caregiver is expected to stay at camp with the child and participate in activities as needed. Parent tasks include monitoring their child’s arousal level and alerting staff to impending melt-downs. No siblings are allowed at camp.

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