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Soft Handle Wilbarger Therapy Pressure Brush

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Item Number: 1001

Soft, ergonomic handle, designed exclusively for the Wilbarger Protocol Deep Touch Pressure Brush, allows for greater comfort to the therapist or care provider when applying the Wilbarger Protocol.
The soft, pliable handle molds easily to the shape of the hand, allowing the therapist or care provider to apply correct pressure while minimizing hand discomfort, making it easier to hold and utilize than the hard, plastic brush handles. The larger handle size also reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist discomfort, and hand fatigue.
The brush attaches to the handle with Velcro allowing the therapist to use one handle and interchange the brushes of multiple clients. The handle comes with one Velcro brush attached.
Patented US PN 5987 687 LATEX FREE



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