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MNRI® Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration

Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Briarwood Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
April 5th-8th 2018

Local Area Coordinator: Jacquelin Kilburn/Jump-In™ Therapy Services
Phone: 810-231-9042
If you're a current, past, or future client of Jump-In™ Therapy & Wellness Center or you want to know more about the MNRI approach, this course will greatly enhance your understanding of why we stress reflex integration as a key component in the foundation of a healthy nervous system.

Course Overview
The Dynamic & Postural Reflex Integration course provides the foundation for professionals and parents to understand the importance of primary motor reflex pattern maturation, why a reflex might not be integrated, the impact a non-integrated reflex can have, and the MNRI techniques designed to assess and integrate reflexes.

The MNRI Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration course explores:
  • The general MNRI Method and the role played by the Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration Program
  • The progression primary motor reflex patterns beginning in utero and continuing through life
  • The role primary infant reflex patterns play in establishing subsequent related motor reflex schemes and the development of advanced motor, communication and cognitive abilities and emotional and behavioral regulation
  • MNRI techniques to assess, pattern and integrate primary motor reflex patterns
  • How to create MNRI primary motor reflex integration programs for individual clients
  • How to incorporate use of MNRI Dynamic and Postural Integration course content into daily client and home practice

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Coordinated by Jacquelin Kilburn, Jump-In™ Therapy and Wellness. Providing therapy services, products, and continuing education to enhance sensory processing, physical restoration, and development.

Jump-In™ Therapy & Wellness Center
10400 Hamburg Rd., PO Box 205
Hamburg, MI 48139
TEL 810-231-9042
FAX 810-231-9063

Course Hours: 32
CEUs: This course is offered for 3.2 ASHA CEUs (Introductory level, Professional area)



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