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Our trained clinicians have techniques to evaluate, treat and      develop a comprehensive treatment approach to bring you  optimal  health.

Our techniques are safe, painless, cost efficient and effective.

Call today for a new you.


·       Bal-A-Vis-X

·       Body Talk Access

·       Bowen Therapy

·       Brain Gym

·       Cranial Electrical Stimulation

·       Cranial Sacral Therapy

·       Healing Block/Cell Memory Release

·       Handwriting

·       Interactive Metronome

·       Kinesiotaping

·       Migun Bed

·       Myofascial Release

·       Neurological Integration System

·       Reflex Integration

·       Rhythmic Movement

·       Sensory Processing

·       Therapeutic Listening

·       Wilbarger Therapressure Program



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